• Ustronie Morskie- rok 1975
    Ustronie Morskie- rok 1975
  • Ustronie Morskie- dom rodzinny
    Ustronie Morskie- dom rodzinny
  • Ustronie Morskie - plac zabaw
    Ustronie Morskie - plac zabaw

In this unique place I started my great journey with tourism. This is the first house, built in 1975 by my parents with an idea to rent it out for tourists. Back then, I was 11 and I was helping with everything. Naturally, what I enjoyed the most was playing with other kids. I helped in cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and taking care of our guests.

 I preferred this than school trips or going on camps with friends. I simply loved to welcome tourists in our house - since always. Since 1992 I do it together with my husband Dariusz.

~ Iwona Rudnicka-Brandt

This house is the best choice for families with small kids, since you get the ground floor and part of the first floor. Each room has an easy access to a shared kitchen and a playroom for kids through an indoor hall. Rooms located on the ground floor have separate entrances that give the feeling of being in your own, cozy house.

 We welcome everyone from May until September

 ~ Iwona and Dariusz Brandt