Ustronie Morskie - Attractions

Ustronie Morskie - Filial Church from XIV century.

Matka Boska Różańcowa Church in Rusowo. The temple is situated near the pond. The church is one of the oldest christian temples in Pomorze.It is over 600 years old.It is the witness of 300 generations praying in it. Almost the whole church comes from middle ages.

Podworski Park in Rusowo

The history of the park reaches the beginning of the XIX century. It is famous for its beauty. However large lawns used to make it even more fascinating. After the Russians attacked the village, it was destroyed. The palace lost its owner. For a certain period of time there was nobody to take care of it.

The oldest oaks in Poland

"Bolesław" - 800 years old – when we look at it we get delighted by its size.
According to the research it is 800 years old.Its height: 1,3 m from the ground -i 691 cm, 30 m heigh , diameter 20 m.
"Warcisław" - 640 years old – it is named after the prince Gryfita Warcisław III, thanks to which Kołobrzeg got rights to be a city in 1255 .It is over 640 years old and it makes it one of the oldest trees in Poland.